Stained Glass 4 U

PJ has been a Stained Glass Artisan for over 40 years.

Projects she has worked on may be seen in major Las Vegas resorts:
In the lobby of the Mandalay Bay hotel and the
Gold Coast hotel exterior.

She has relocated to Idaho where she is doing Custom Designs and Commissions.

Free Estimates on Custom Designs

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Mandalay Bay lobby
Bird cage in the lobby of the
Mandalay Bay hotel,
Las Vegas, Nevada.

   Close-up of the Mandalay Bay birdcage birdcage close up



Meridian Bedroom

Bedroom Window

Meridian, Idaho.

Successful repair of an antique Las Vegas Casino window.
I think it was the El Cortez casino

Glass Indian repair

Glass Aquarium This was a window in our house in Las Vegas.

People would comment that they thought
it was a real aquarium at first glance.

Here's another window from our house in Las Vegas.
 This was in the bathroom.

bathroom window

Here are 3 windows for a home in Crouch, Idaho.

crouch hummingbird     Crouch doe    Crouch Quail

A Boise client wanted a window to remind them of their favorite place in New Zealand.
They provided the photograph of Mutton Cove.

new zealand bay new zealand 3

glass mermaid 2                  glass mermaid 3 Clients in Las Vegas wanted a
Mermaid Window for their entryway.

Examples of Sidelights
sidelight          bhk sidelights    dennis door panel   sidelight

Here is a Cross I made for Cole Community Church in Boise.

Cole Cross Lobby           Cole Cross Service

Windows for New Construction

Measuring                                                ... Installing ...                                                                 Finished

Measuring    Installing    Finished

Fun Stuff

   abstract sunset         basement          face hanging

frog       carousel    Frog Beer

yinyang dragon       Pink Floyd     dragonflies

This client wanted a new window to go with her Copper Bathtub.

copper window    copper bathtub

I did some windows for the 100th Anniversary of St. Patrick's Church in Vale, Oregon.

Shamrock Doors   St Patricks   Header

It's Hummingbird Time on the way to Bogus Basin

    Hummingbird window    Hummingbird Installed

The Emmett Eagle
Some clients live in Emmett and they are able to see Eagles around their house.
They wanted their own Eagle to sit in their window.
Here it is.


My latest window for some nice people in Meridian started with two pictures.

first picture     plus    second picture

I combined them to make my rough pattern.


Which became this window over their front door.

transom window