Annual Matches in and around Nevada

"The Western Cup" at Beatty

September 27th - 29th 1996
Port Rockwell 364-5769
Silver City Slim 454-0256

Las Vegas Stampede

March 7,8,9 1997
Level location 12 miles south of Las Vegas, NV off of I-15.
11 main events, lots of Nevada style shooting.
Hotel and Casino close to shoot.
Arrangements being made for discounted rooms
More information will follow next month
Sponsored by the Nevada Rangers Cowboy Action Shooters
All area code (702)
Hick - 647-2752 - work 382-3720
Fargo - 732-9800
Doc Peabody - 384-5591

Check back for Bunkhouse and Grub specials


Match Results

Stampede 1997
Cactus Springs | Beatty

Nevada Rangers | River Mountain Regulators | Silver City