Results for the MAY DAY MAYHEM match

TOP GUN - Spaghetti Slim

  1. Spaghetti Slim
  2. Sliver City Slim
  3. Port Rockwel
  1. Doc Peabody
  2. Running Bear
  3. Oklahoma
  1. Too Tall
  2. Gideon Walker
  3. English Andy
Black Powder:
  1. Bendigo
  2. Hick
  1. Mr. Bill
  2. Hawk
  3. Yukon Jake
  1. Lou
  2. Hanna Oakley
Long Range Pistol:
  1. Oklahoma
  2. Doc Peabody
  3. Spaghetti Slim
Long Range Lever Rifle Short Cartridge
  1. Doc Peabody
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Bando
Long Range Lever Rifle Long Cartridge
  1. Bando
  2. Desert Rat
  3. Port Rockwell
Long Range Rifle Single Shot
  1. Bando
  2. English Andy
  3. Silver City Slim
Best Costume Male
  1. Kentucky Reb
  2. Augustus
  3. Bando
Best Costume Female
  1. Hanna Oakley
  2. Lou

The best shooting weather we've ever had at Claytons Gulch, no rain, no wind & not too hot, 75 degrees and partly sunny, brought out 30 shooters.
We had 4 new shooters:
Hick brought along his 2 brothers from Tennessee: Lefty & Tennessee Stud. Guy Hawk from Newcastle Colorado came down to visit Port, and Thunder Dan was the new local shooter surprising everyone with his speed and accuracy.
A special congratulations to "Lou" our top Female shooter
She came in 6th overall

Next month Silver City Shooters Society will join the Nevada Rangers sharing the shooting site on Mt. Potosi. We will shoot on the 4th Sunday of June, July and August. More information on these dates will be available soon.
Map to the Shoots
Port Rockwell 364-5769 - Silver City Slim 454-0256
Don't forget the Annual Beatty Match
"The Western Cup"
September 27th - 29th


Match Results
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